Cinta Bahasa’s Unique Teaching Methodology

Why Learn to Speak Indonesian Language with Cinta Bahasa?

Despite what some people say, you can learn a new language at any age. You don’t have to wish you were younger, or better at learning new languages, or whatever excuses you may be making up to discourage yourself from learning a new language! Give us a try: with your commitment and our teachers you will see how fun we make it to learn to speak bahasa Indonesia!

Less than 5% of people who try to learn a language on their own succeed. You really do need to take a course to get started right.

We teach the Indonesian that is spoken everywhere, and only if necessary, the rare kind of Indonesian that is only used in textbooks or in formal situations.. If you’re serious about learning to communicate in the Indonesian Language with the people around you, you’ve come to the right school.

In Indonesian language, Formal and Informal language are very different from one another. 95% of the time, Informal language is used, and 5% of the time, Formal language is used. If you only learn to speak Formal language, regular people will find your speech to be cold, distant and authoritarian, as the language is usually primarily used by politicians, military personnel and persons in positions of authority. However, other schools start by teaching Formal language, which is only heard in very rare and specific occasions.

What makes us so different from any other school is our methodology for teaching Indonesian Language to foreign learners. Unlike other schools in Indonesia, instead of overwhelming you in the beginning with grammar and awkward formal speech, at Cinta Bahasa you will learn the language that you will hear wherever you go in Indonesia. Of course we do teach formal language if and when it is needed. The results have been fantastic, with many students learning online from overseas and coming to learn with Cinta Bahasa at their main school in Ubud, or branch schools in Sanur and Canggu.

Language is not learned by osmosis. You can live in Indonesia, or anywhere for that matter, for 20 years and still not be able to speak the language. You can learn 5 words a day forever, but you’ll likely forget them when you need them, and you won’t be able to put them together into a sentence.

You need to start by learning to speak comfortably and pronounce naturally, rather than to use correct grammar yet speak awkwardly and uncomfortably while you are trying to make sure your sentence is correct before you speak it. Most Indonesian Language Schools only teach formal grammar that will always get in the way of what you really want to say.

At Cinta Bahasa, we start by teaching you the natural informal and polite language. If you choose to learn the formal language later, you can do that with us too! But first, you need to feel comfortable speaking with everyone you meet. We are the only School in Indonesia that teaches Indonesian language in this way!

Another thing that sets us apart is the constant updating of our materials. We are always working to be at the cutting edge of the language. Indonesian language develops rapidly, so if the textbook you are using is more than two years old, it is already very out of date!

You need to learn the foundation of the language in order to be able to progress and engage with the local society using their language, and you need to learn the right way. If you try to save money by going with what appears to be a cheaper imitation, it will likely cost you much more in the long term. You’ll be kept confused and unable to use the language for as long as possible until either you give up learning the language (which is most often the case), or you actually manage to overcome the bad training and teach yourself the basic language, but still give up learning formally. For a list of things to look for when choosing a language school or teacher, please read this article.

You learn in a variety of ways, and we teach using these methods. These methods are suitable for people who find it more effective to learn visually, by seeing pictures or words, by hearing and listening, by speaking, by moving, and by writing. We also provide a wide range of learning material types which include natural and direct sources such as movies and music, movement, flash cards, semi-structured conversation, and interactive role-playing situations.

You need to learn the language that people speak now, not how they spoke years ago. Most textbooks are several to many years out-of-date, and were produced outside of Indonesia. Check the author, the sources and the country the book was published in. If it was not written by an Indonesian and published in Indonesia, it is probably less than accurate or out of date. Bahasa Indonesia is a rapidly developing language, and important words, even pronouns, can change. We design and produce all our materials, including our workbook/textbook, flashcards and other learning materials right here in Indonesia where we are based.

Our School and Teachers are certified by BIPA, the Indonesian Language Department of the Ministry of Education focused on teaching Indonesian Language to foreigners. We’re committed to delivering the highest-quality Indonesian Language education available nationwide. Most private teachers and even other schools don’t know what that means.

Our teachers are all University-educated, intelligent people with a wide variety of professional experiences and successful careers prior to joining our team. They are highly-trained language teachers, very personable and passionate about teaching Indonesian language. Some of them have taught at Indonesia’s top language schools.

Founded by language educators, we’ve designed our own methodology specifically for our courses. We have also produced our own specially-designed Textbook/Workbook, E-Learning Resources and and Other Materials that teach you the language spoken today, not some outdated off-the-shelf textbook teaching you a language that people used to speak a long time ago.

Many of our students ask us how many hours they will need to be in class in order to be fluent in Bahasa Indonesia. We estimate that a typical student will need at least 40 hours of class-time to pass the Beginner level and reach the start of the Pre-Intermediate Language Level and another 40 hours to reach the Intermediate Level. At the Beginner Level, class time is needed, but a diligent student who is studying properly can pass through the Intermediate Level with a minimum of teacher guidance, we suggest a minimum of 60 hours.

Our courses are intended to be fun and effective.. In fact many if not most of our students are professionals who need to work in Indonesian Language. Intermittent or occasional language training, for example a few hours or a few days a week, is not effective at bringing a language beginner up to a conversational level. It is much more effective to do a one month Semi-intensive or Intensive Indonesian language course, followed by intermittent training and self-study.

We believe that proper Indonesian language education is essential if foreigners living in Indonesia are to be successful in their work and in their relationships with Indonesian people. By being able to better understand and interact with the local culture, you will be successful at integrating into Indonesian society, and this is why we founded Cinta Bahasa!