About Us

We’re glad you’d like to know more about us. We understand the importance of a good language education, which we feel is essential to harmonious relations between foreigners and Indonesians. This is our vision, and our mission.

Cinta Bahasa is an education organization, called a “Yayasan” in Indonesia, which puts it in the same class as other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

Cinta Bahasa was founded on February 14th, 2011 by Yoshida Chandra and Stephen DeMeulenaere and registered as a Yayasan (Organization) under the name Yayasan Cinta Bahasa Indonesia.

Our name “Cinta Bahasa” comes from the phrase “Cintailah Bahasa Indonesia” which means “Love the Indonesian Language”.

This is the end goal of our language training, to teach you to speak so that you can share your experiences, feelings and knowledge with others, and to love our language, literature and cultures.


Our vision is one of a harmonious and integrated society between foreigners and Indonesians through regular interaction and sharing of ideas and experiences that can be communicated using Bahasa Indonesia.


To encourage improved communication between foreigners and Indonesians using a variety of different means: providing language training and translation/interpretation services, as well as activities and events which encourage foreigners and Indonesians to get to know each other and for foreigners become integrated better in Indonesian culture and society.


Yoshida “Ochie” Chandra DeMeulenaere is Cinta Bahasa’s School Director and Co-Founder. Ochie most recently taught Advertising & Media at Bina Nusantara University in Jakarta and English at Campuhan College in Ubud.

Her Co-Founder is her husband, Stephen DeMeulenaere who is Cinta Bahasa’s School Advisor.

Originally from Padang, Sumatra, Ochie has a degree in English Literature from Andalas University in Padang and has a very advanced knowledge of Indonesian and English language. Fluent in English, Ochie has worked as an interpreter and translator with the US Embassy in Jakarta, International NGOs and Corporations in Jakarta, has years of teaching experience and has worked as an Advertising copywriter with some of the top agencies in Indonesia. She was the Indonesian Volunteer Coordinator for the 2010 Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, and is the Volunteer Coordinator for the 2011 UWRF. She recently received extensive training and certification with BIPA, the Indonesian Ministry of Education’s Department of Indonesian Language Training for Foreigners.

Stephen DeMeulenaere is Cinta Bahasa’s School Advisor and Co-Founder together with his wife Ochie. Stephen has been living in various parts of Indonesia the past 14 years, and in various countries in Asia for the past 18 years.

He is an expert and consultant in Cooperative organizations and has worked with small and very large development organizations for most of his time here.

Previous to founding Cinta Bahasa, he was the GM of a Factual and Documentary Film Production Company in Ubud. Stephen was an English Language Teacher in Canada, Mexico, Argentina and a Junior High School Teacher in Hokkaido, Japan for 2 years.

He was also training coordinator of the Tokachi International Education Circle, a network of 40 teachers in his region.

He fell in love with the Indonesian Language in 2000 and never looked back.

It’s been his dream to start an Indonesian Language School so that other foreigners could also feel the same love for the Indonesian language that he does.

He also recently received extensive training and certification with BIPA, the Indonesian Ministry of Education’s Department of Indonesian Language Training for Foreigners, and is an Advanced Intermediate speaker by native standards, according to the official test of Indonesian Language Proficiency for Native Speakers.