6-Month, 240-Hour Language & Culture Program


Long-term Learning Experience

Cinta Bahasa offers an opportunity for you to immerse yourselves into the language, the culture, and the country of Indonesia.

Our 6-Month Language and Culture Program will not only greatly improve your practical Indonesian language skills, but also allow you to experience the culture first hand

You'll have 2-4 hours of Private 1:1 classes every day, with plenty of time for self-study, self-directed activites and cultural activities that we can recommend you to take.

Once you are beyond the Beginner Level, you can focus on subjects that are of most interest to you, and your course program will change to reflect this.

There are very specific terms and conditions for this program, please Register and then contact us directly by email.

During this period you will learn the basics of the language up to a 500 word vocabulary, and be able to greet and address people appropriately, introduce yourself and others comfortably, ask simple questions and respond to simple questions, ask for directions, and give directions, make orders in restaurants and bargain in the market.

By the end of this Program you will be able to comprehend authentic articles, audio, and videos on a variety of issues. Discuss the topic of interest, stating concerns and offering solutions in a polite way; Understand the use of “ke-an” Writing meaning-to-meaning translations of similar articles to Indonesian.

By the end of this Program you will be able to comprehend authentic articles, audio, and videos at a deeper level on a variety of issues, comprehend regulations, acts, and other documents of law, prepare and present an address on various topics and tones both informal and formal.

By the end of this Program you should be able to comprehend official reports, documents, journals on a topic of interest written by a native Indonesian. Prepare a draft of in-depth writing on a topic of interest, and comprehend the discussion that takes place in a meeting or conference without the help of an interpreter.

You would be fully functional in bahasa Indonesia within an organization or company.

  • “All my teachers were excellent teachers during these four months of classes. Very flexible with the schedule and with very good teaching skills. The book and reading materials were helpful as well. Look forward to restarting a new course soon.

  • I studied at Cinta Bahasa for 4 weeks and 100 hours and it was wonderful, I was consistently surprised and delighted by the confidence, ability to articulate concepts, and humor each of the teachers brought to each lesson. I cannot recommend this program enough and only wish I were here for another month. Terima kasih banyak!

  • The difference in my language skills between starting with them and now is immense. My teacher is excellent and I can't recommend him or the school itself highly enough. The course was tailored to my own needs, the content was interesting and delivered well, the language I learnt was the language as lived and used in modern Indonesia and I learnt a lot about the culture of Indonesia at the same time. As requested, the focus was on a working knowledge of the language as spoken by people I was likely to meet, not language that would only be used by a news reader.

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