Cinta Bahasa Student Testimonials 2011

Andrew Hollo
December 2011

I was already beyond basic beginner level in Indonesian, but lacked confidence and had stopped learning. Then I started a 20 hour course of private lessons with Cinta Bahasa and, even before I’ve finished these, I’m able to talk about most things in daily life with Balinese people, and I’m easily able to form sentences. I still find listening to spoken Indonesian difficult, but it’s getting much easier. I highly recommend the daily classes to anyone who wants to quickly improve.

Tony Day
December 2011

If one is interested in taking a course in Bahasa Indonesia look no further than the course offered by Cinta, their team of qualified instructors and expert use of course materials enhance the learning experience.

Mairead Furlong
November 2011

I do not consider myself a natural linguist and have never enjoyed learning languages….until I studied Bahasa Indonesia with Cinta.

Eric van Loon
General Manager PT. Karya Tangan Indah (John Hardy Silver)
November 2011

I enjoyed the course, and Daniel is a very good teacher. He adapted so great to the needs and the limitations that I had. I learned a lot. What I learned is to use the language. More than that, you cannot ask.

Jane Fuller
Executive Producer
Ubud Writers & Readers Festival
August 2011

Having been a student of Bahasa Indonesia in Yogyakarta, and then not learning in a structured environment after that, I was at a level where I needed specific intermediate lessons and lesson plans. Cinta Bahasa tailor made a lesson plan for me. Immediately my language structure improved. The teacher was enthusiastic, supportive and professional. I highly recommend Cinta Bahasa for conversational as well as business language training. Ochie, Stephen and their team have created a professional yet inclusive school in Ubud.

Jamie Woodall
July 2011

Kristie was a fantastic instructor! She met us exactly as our level and made learning Bahasa Indonesia FUN! We will definitely return to Cinta for our next session of lessons! Thanks Cinta!

Gabriel Monson
May 2011

Cinta Bahasa has been the perfect language school for me. I could already speak a bit of Indonesian when I enrolled, but with lots of mistakes and holes in my understanding. I could sometimes manage a proper Indonesian question, but then couldn’t understand the answer! I started with the group beginner class, so Ochie and the teachers could assess my level, then they arranged private classes for me, which have been worth every rupiah, really good value. My teacher has such a friendly approach, while being thorough about revising grammar from the ground up. Now I’m learning exactly what I need to progress, filling in the gaps and getting lots of ‘tips and tricks’ I would have missed out on, just sitting with my dictionary or bumbling through like I was before. I realise now how kind my Indonesian friends have been in coping with my mangled version of their language… And how much they didn’t correct!