Group Course for Companies & Organizations

Price : Varies depending on number of students and length of program

Learning to speak with everyone on the team

Many companies, hotels, restaurants, organizations, embassies and consulates in Indonesia and Bali have offered group courses to their foreign staff in partnership with Cinta Bahasa.

Learning to speak the language of one's colleagues is recognized by these teams to be an important part of building harmonious working relationships across the organization.

The Ministry of Immigration and Ministry of Manpower have also noted their appreciation to those organizations that have provided Indonesian-language training to their foreign employees, whether as Private or Group classes.

Classes are arranged at times that are most convenient for everyone, such as early morning or late afternoon, 3 days per week and 1.5 hours per class.

Please contact us by email to discuss learning options.

During this period the group learn the basics of the language up to a 500 word vocabulary, and be able to greet and address people appropriately, introduce themselves and others comfortably, ask simple questions and respond to simple questions, ask for directions, give directions, make orders in restaurants, and learn to make friends.

Together with your teacher the group may choose to begin to focus more on specific areas of work and interest and how it relates to the use of Indonesian language. You may also choose to continue to a more advanced level of Indonesian language

  • Six hours every day for 10 days was not easy, but I am glad I did it. I am surprised how many words I already can use. I hope orang local will also understand me. I am happy that I came here.

  • After to weeks with Pak Daniel I’m really sad that I have to leave. The lessons were intensive and well prepared. We also had a good time discussing all kind of matters of Indonesian politict, social, and economic live. My knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia has improved a lot indeed. Vielen Danke, many thanks, terima kasih.

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