Why Learn Bahasa Indonesia with Cinta Bahasa in Ubud?

Why Learn Bahasa Indonesia with Cinta Bahasa in Ubud?

Our Students and Clients have lots of great things to say about learning to speak Indonesian Language with us, click here to see what they have said.

Our School is formally registered and our Teachers are certified by BIPA, the Indonesian Language Unit of the Ministry of Education. We’re committed to delivering the highest-quality Indonesian Language education available nationwide.

Our Twelve Teachers are all University-educated with a wide variety of professional experiences and successful careers prior to joining our team. They are highly-trained language teachers, very personable and passionate about teaching Indonesian language. Some of them have taught at Indonesia’s top language schools.

Our School was founded by language educators, and is registered and certified by the Ministry of Education of the Government of Indonesia. We’ve designed our own methodology specifically for our courses. We provide our own specially-designed Textbook/Workbook, E-Learning Resources and and Other Materials that teach you the language spoken today, not some outdated off-the-shelf textbook teaching you a language that people used to speak a long time ago.

“Don’t waste your time and money with inferior-quality education. You may start by paying less, but in the end you’ll pay more to find a good school to help sort out the confusion. We know, a number of our students found out the hard way!”

Our courses are for serious students.Intermittent or occasional language training, for example a few hours or a few days a week, is not effective at bringing a language beginner up to a conversational level. It is much more effective to do a one month Semi-intensive or Intensive Indonesian language course, followed by intermittent training and self-study.

Learn to speak Bahasa Indonesia in Bali!

You’ll learn to speak Indonesian much better in a nice environment like Ubud, at a school with a level of quality on a par with Yogyakarta, rather than being stuck in the congested cities of Yogyakarta, Jakarta or Denpasar.

Cinta Bahasa Indonesian Language School is located on Jl. Raya Sanggingan in Ubud. Close to hotels, restaurants, artistic, social & cultural activites and the center of this famous village in the hills of south-central bali, this is the perfect location for you to learn Bahasa Indonesia.

Ubud has quickly become one of the centers of knowledge in Indonesia, with the Ubud Reader’s and Writer’s Festival and the Bali Spirit Festival marking Ubud as a a premier destination for people seeking to write, study, practice their arts, and engage with Bali’s unique and engaging culture, while staying in lush tropical surroundings.