Learn to Speak Indonesian Language The Right Way

Learn to Speak Indonesian Language The Right Way

There is a saying that is very useful when it comes to learning how to do something new, and it goes like this: “Well Begun, is Half Done”. This means that whatever you do, if you start it properly, then it’s as good as being half completed already. Don’t start your project well, and you won’t have a foundation for successful completion.

The same is true with Language Training. In previous posts, we list out things to look for in selecting the right Language School and Language Teacher. Some people think that being able to teach is as easy as pulling a book off a bookshelf, and then offering their services to you at a fee that professionals charge. Just think if your plumber or electrician did that, they would be putting you at risk. But since language education should also last a lifetime, then why treat your language teacher any differently?

I’m wasting my time and money learning with a freelance teacher.

We have seen the damage that Learning to Speak Indonesian the Wrong Way has caused, because in Indonesia, you really do need to learn how to speak Indonesian Language, and you can either learn the right way with us, right from the start, or come to us later to help you repair your broken language. So here are three types of Indonesian language teachers, or any language teacher, to be aware of.

Type #1: The so-called teacher who will basically dump the entire language onto you in the first class, like a big ball of string, and then spend the rest of the time (or forever which is what they would prefer) untangling the ball. Whether or not the course is completed, or whether they convince you to continue learning forever in order to figure out the mystery (which is their teaching methodology and not the language, by the way), you will never feel like you’re using the language properly. That is their strategy, to keep you confused for as long as possible.

Type #2: The so-called teacher who will translate the language she is teaching, into your language for you. You’ll never learn to speak the language properly if you are always translating the words in your head. If you start off learning this way, you’ll always be struggling to find the right word, or the right meaning in your own language, which cannot necessarily be translated into your target language, in this case Bahasa Indonesia.

Type #3: The so-called teacher who will make you feel sorry for her, so that you don’t quit the course. She’ll confess her situation to you in class, and make you feel like it’s not nice to expect to be taught the language properly. You’ll be learning more about her than learning the language. The fact is, she really did learn to teach yesterday by spending the last of her money on an outdated Indonesian language textbook at the used-book store, and whatever other materials she could borrow and photocopy.

There are a few other types of teachers that will teach you the wrong way to learn to speak Indonesian language, or any other language. Please add them to the comments below, so that other language learners won’t be wasting their precious time and valuable money on learning the wrong way.

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